Bumper Ku Bumper

Bumper Ku Bumper
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      1. Grace-Nakimera-Anfukuula
      2. Grace-Nakimera-Bumper-Ku-Bumper
      3. Grace-Nakimera-Kawonawo
      4. Grace-Nakimera-Kiva-Ku-Ki
      5. Grace-Nakimera-Kyandikutuseko
      6. Grace-Nakimera-Kyolya
      7. Grace-Nakimera-Mpola-Mpola-Dancehall
      8. Grace-Nakimera-Nalo
      9. Grace-Nakimera-Nkwagala-Kufa-Acoustic
      10. Grace-Nakimera-Nkwagala-Kufa-Dancehall
      11. Grace-Nakimera-Ntandika
      12. Grace-Nakimera-Nvawo-Nawe
      13. Grace-Nakimera-Onyamba-Nga-Mukama
      14. Grace-Nakimera-Osobola
      15. Grace-Nakimera-Riziki-yo
      16. Grace-Nakimera-Seesa
      17. Grace-Nakimera-Sex-Dance
      18. Grace-Nakimera-Sexy
      19. Grace-Nakimera-Shalala
      20. Grace-Nakimera-Some-More
      21. Grace-Nakimera-Sukuma
      22. Grace-Nakimera-Welaga-Ki-Rmx

      23. Grace-Nakimera-ft-Aziz-Azion-Baagala-Kiki
      24. Grace-Nakimera-ft-Gatimo-Katika
      25. Grace-Nakimera-ft-Juju-Nakatandika
      26. Grace-Nakimera-ft-Juju-Ninga-Akumanyi
      27. Grace-Nakimera-ft-Juju-Sharon-Yes-We-Can

Grace Nakimera

Born: 1985 (age 31–32)

Nationality: Uganda

Occupation: Artist / Musician

Parents: David Kalema and Rose Nabulya

Siblings: she is the last born in a family of 4

Tribe: Muganda from Nsenene Clan

Education: Bat valley, Old Kampala ss, Beauty sch in Nairobi

Marital status: Married with a 9year old daughter called Masha Kalema

Music icons: Brenda Fassie, Fille Lutaya (rip), r Kelly, Madox

Childhood neighbourhood: Muyenga, Bukasa

What else besides music: Business woman, real estate developer and farmer

Net worth: won’t say but she own 50 acres of land in Mukono, 50,000 tress, and property in Ntinda, Namugongo plus a farm

Awards: 6 of them

Residence: Namugongo

Grace stated singing when she was seven years old. She would perform at talent shows in Kampala. When she was 18, she travelled to Rwanda and for two year performed with the resident band at Milcolin hotel in Kigali. In 2000, she returned to Kampala and joined Christ the King church choir.[4]In 2004, she got a big break in music. She collaborated with a singing duo Gatimo and Paragon to record “Ani Akumanyi” a song that became the hit in Uganda. The trio won the upcoming Artists Award in the Pearl of Africa Music Awards 2004/5. She embarked on a solo career when the group split. She has since released hits songs like “Anfuukula,” “Kiva Kuki”, “Sukuma”, “Nvawo Nawe”, “Kawoonawo”. and the rock gospel song “Onyambanga”

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