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      1. Pallaso - Mama We
      2. AK 47 & Pallaso - Onemye[Rmx]
      3. Brian Avie ft Pallaso - Sweet Love Remix
      4. Pallaso - Bubble (
      5. Pallaso - Buzibye
      6. Pallaso - JuJu
      7. Pallaso - Juliana
      8. Pallaso - Maama
      9. Pallaso - Mudigidde
      10. Pallaso - Mudigide
      11. Pallaso - Nakupenda
      12. Pallaso - Netonze
      13. Pallaso - Never Came Clean
      14. Pallaso - Nkwagala
      15. Pallaso - Obulamu bwakisela
      16. Pallaso - Omusawo
      17. Pallaso - Pray For Me
      18. Pallaso - Tuzilye
      19. Pallaso - Yogera For Me
      20. Pallaso & Rhoda K - Clear (
      21. Pallaso & Shakirah - Tinkula (
      22. Pallaso ft Full Figure - Mukyakale
      23. Pallaso ft Kidima - Tokaaba
      24. Pallaso Ft Sheebah - Go-down-low
      25. Pallaso ft sheebah - Mundongo
      26. Pallaso Ft The mess - Super hero
      27. Pallaso ft Weasel - Omungongo
      28. Pallaso ft. Davido-Twatoba
      29. Pallaso Ft. Integrit - The End
      30. Pallaso Ft. Pardesa - Leero Ndongo
      31. Pallaso Ft. The Mess - Home[Regga]
      32. Weseal & Tic tac & Pallaso - Topa topa


Date of Birth: 9th September

Real Names: Pius Mayanja

Parents: Mr Gerald Mayanja andMrs Prossy Mayanja

Nationality: Ugandan

Tribe: Muganda

Occupation: Singer, Song writer .record producer

Year Active: 2000 – Present

Label: Team Good Music

Back ground

Pius Mayanja A. k.a Pallaso is a Ugandan musician, who was born in late 1980s in Kawempe , he sings Afro beat, Hip-hop, Dancehall, Afro pop, RnB . He started singing in Chameleone’s group (his brother) by then he was calling himself Lizard. In 2006, he went to the United States where he worked for many companies and businesses including McDonald’s Restaurant and Spent almost 10 years and in 2014 he came back to Uganda and started a music career in his country under his music group

Pallaso started singing in his brother’s group Leone Island; he named himself Lizard, his first song was Mudigidde in 2003 which was produced by his brother Chameleon. The song got an average airplay on Ugandan radio stations

While in America, he re-branded himself from Lizard to Pallaso. While residing in Lewiston, Maine, he collaborated with a local rapper known as The Mess. Together they collaborated on a joint album titled Change released in 2013

In 2014, Pallaso teamed with Shaggy and DJ Hidrro they released the song “Remain in Our Hearts” which was dedicated to the fallen heroes mainly Michael Jackson, Marley and The Notorious B.I.G.

Pallaso later together with Sheebah Karungi started Team No Sleep and hired Jeff Kiwa the former Goodlyfe Crew manager as their manager which brought disagreement between him and the Goodlyfe Crew. They were later joined by King Saha, Akay 47 and other rising musicians in Team No Sleep.

On 19 May 2015 Pallaso left Team No Sleep and joined Team Good Music.

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