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      1. Munange
      2. Winnie Nwagi - Busonsomola
      3. Winnie Nwagi - Detergent
      4. Winnie Nwagi ft King Saha - Science
      5. Winie Nwagi - Katono Katono
      6. Winnie Nwagi - Abantu Banyiivu
      7. Winnie Nwagi - Embeera
      8. Winnie Nwagi - Gwenonya
      9. Winnie Nwagi - Kano Koze
      10. Winnie Nwagi - Kibulamu
      11. Winnie Nwagi - Kyowulira
      12. Winnie Nwagi - Magic
      13. Winnie Nwagi - Musawo
      14. Winnie Nwagi - Olaba Otya
      15. Winnie Nwagi - Olukoba
      16. Winnie Nwagi - Show me
      17. Winnie Nwagi ft Kalifah AgaNaga - GooGo
      18. Winnie Nwagi ft Zulanda - Mukwano Gwo (Rmx)


Real name: Winnie Nakanwagi

Born: 1989

Why the name: Nwagi: she preferred keeping her name because its a sign of originality

Parents: Mr Henry Kabiito & Sarah Namuddu (rip)

Tribe: Muganda from Ngabi Clan

Family: 2nd born in a family of 6 children

Education: Nwagi attended St Agnes Naggalama primary school, East High School (S1 to S2), Migadde College (S3 to S4) and Namagabi SS in Kayunga for her A-levels. Nwagi’s enrolment to the university was cut short after she became pregnant during her S6 vacation.

Marital status: single

Children: one (Destiny Mirembe)

Year ventured into music: 2014 though she sang even before that though not professionally

Music icon: Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi

Anything besides music : working on opening up a fashion line and couple of boutiques

Dream destination: Las Vegas

Breakthrough song: Embeera released in 2014

Record label: Swangz Avenue

Who inspired her to join music: her sister Carol and Benon of Swangz avenue

Life icon: her late grand ma Nakanwagi Victoria who stood with her through the toughest times

Life story : got pregnant in her s6 vacation which made her ex communicated by friends and family

and had to go rent a single room though later moved in and stayed with her grandmother till she gave birth.

Nwagi started her music journey 5 years back until she joined the Coca Cola Rated Next competition that was season 2 and from the competition became second runner up and she was signed by Swangz Avenue and released a number of songs including Embeera, KatonoKatono, Gwenoonya and Kyowulila.