• Description
      1. Michael ross - Balance

      2. Michael ross - Fever Omusujja
      3. Michael ross - Follow
      4. Michael ross - Have A Party
      5. Michael ross - Hey senoritah
      6. Michael ross - How do u luv some body
      7. Michael ross - Its Over Now
      8. Michael ross - Kankugambeko
      9. Michael ross - Nalulungi
      10. Michael ross - Njagala balance
      11. Michael ross - Nkwetaaga
      12. Michael ross - Step in
      13. Michael ross - Tell Me
      14. Michael ross - The one
      15. Michael ross - Tombowa
      16. Michael ross - Your Are The One
      17. Michael ross - Yoyo
      18. Michael Ross - Clothes off
      19. Michael Ross - Dream gal
      20. Michael Ross - Its Over Now
      21. Michael Ross - Ndakwikundira
      22. Michael Ross - Nze Akwagala
      23. Michael Ross - Show Me Your Dance
      24. Michael Ross - Tombowa
      25. Michael ross ft Goodlyfe - Miko
      26. Michael Ross ft Nutty Neithan - Muliwa
      27. Michael ross ft Saavo - Naggudi
      28. Michael ross ft Soul Dre - Burst a khali
      29. Michael ross ft Vamposs - On Fire
      30. Michael Ross Ft. Weasel - Private Show
      31. Micheal Ross - Bikukuju


Date of Birth: 1982

Real Names : Michael Ross Kakooza

Parents: Born to Joseph and Immaculate Kasibante.

Family: A family of 14

Nationality: Ugandan

Tribe: Muganda

Occupation: Musician

Years Active

Back ground

Michael Ross started out as a dancer at the age of eight.[1] He released his first single “Senorita” in 2002, receiving massive airplay. The song won the award for best R and B song in the 2003 Pearl of Africa Music Awards. He followed it with other songs including “You’re the one” which he sang in English.[5] To appeal to a broader Ugandan audience, Ross started singing in Luganda. he released songs like “Yooyo” ” Nze Akwagala” and “Ndi nowange”. He continued singing in English. He released songs like “Tell me” featuring Navio (rapper) and “Gimme tonight” that were well received.[6] In 2006 he reseased his album to date “Yo the one”.[7][8] In 2012, he reled “Clothes off” which received massive aiplay on MTV base. He also released his second album “unstoppable”.

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