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Ugsound is Uganda online Music Library having all Ugandan music in Audio, Video and DJ Mixes. Ugandan Music is all in one store to easen on the struggle searching for it by all people worldwide


      1. Bobi Wine - Kasukaali Keeko

      2. H E Bobi Wine and Nubian Li - Osobola
      3. Kyarenga - Bobi Wine
      4. HE. Bobi Wine - Abalungi balumya
      5. HE. Bobi Wine - Akagoma

      6. HE. Bobi Wine - Abantu

      7. HE. Bobi Wine - Abayiimbi

      8. HE. Bobi Wine - Babie wange

      9. HE. Bobi Wine - Adam and Kawa

      10. HE. Bobi Wine - Afri Swagg

      11. HE. Bobi Wine - Akalimu

      12. HE. Bobi Wine - Ani Yaleta Okwagala

      13. HE. Bobi Wine - Bam bam

      14. HE. Bobi Wine - Be A man

      15. HE. Bobi Wine - Buyonjo Soap

      16. HE. Bobi Wine - By Far

      17. HE. Bobi Wine - Caloryne

      18. HE. Bobi Wine - Dembe

      19. HE. Bobi Wine - Ebibuuzo

      20. HE. Bobi Wine - Ekiroto

      21. HE. Bobi Wine ft Samalie Matovu - Malaria

      22. HE. Bobi Wine - Futula

      23. H.E Bobi Wine & Mr G - Jelous
      24. HE. Bobi Wine & Fire Base - Ganyoka

      25. HE. Bobi Wine And Nubian Li - For Better For Worse

      26. HE. Bobi Wine ft Nubian Lee - Obufumbo Obunyuma -
      27. HE. Bobi Wine ft Weatherman - Mwekume

      28. HE. Bobi Wine ft Cassanova - Bwetyo Bwendi

      29. HE. Bobi Wine ft Nana) - Kagati

      30. HE.-Bobi-Ft-Navio-Bad-Man-From-Kamwokya

      31. HE. Bobi Wine Ft Nubian Lee - Turn Your Body

      32. HE. Bobi Wine ft Nubian li - Mutima
      33. HE.-Bobi-Ft.-Sylver-Kyagulanyi-Anakusigula

      34. HE. Bobi Wine,Mr.G.Mike Wine,Nubian Li - Super Star

      35. Juliana K ft HE. Bobi Wine - Taata wabaana

      36. Megga-Bobi-Sizza-Butcher-Man-Woods-Inna-D-Dance
      37. Mikie wine ft HE. Bobi Wine - Mikie wine

      38. Mr G ft HE. Bobi Wine - Girls

      39. Nubian Li ft.Bucha Man - Teli Mubi -

      40. Promise - HE. Bobi Wine

      41. HE. Bobi Wine - Gabalebele

      42. HE. Bobi Wine - Ghetto Nazigala

      43. HE. Bobi Wine - Jeniffah

      44. HE. Bobi Wine - Kabaseke

      45. HE. Bobi Wine - Kadingo

      46. HE. Bobi Wine - Kalibabbo

      47. HE. Bobi Wine - Kicomando

      48. HE. Bobi Wine - Kirooto

      49. HE. Bobi Wine - Kiwaani

      50. HE. Bobi Wine - Ladies wine

      51. HE. Bobi Wine - Maama mbiire

      52. HE. Bobi Wine - Mazzi mawanvu

      53. HE. Bobi Wine - Mwana Wabandi -

      54. HE. Bobi Wine - Nabikowa

      55. HE. Bobi Wine - Nakazi

      56. HE. Bobi Wine - Nalumansi

      57. HE. Bobi Wine - Naza gwaki

      58. HE. Bobi Wine - Silimba

      59. HE. Bobi Wine - Size Yo

      60. HE. Bobi Wine - Sunda

      61. HE. Bobi Wine - Taata ne maama

      62. HE. Bobi Wine - Time Boom

      63. HE. Bobi Wine - Vva kubantu

      64. HE. Bobi Wine - Wendi

      65. HE. Bobi Wine - Where You Go

      66. Rachael K And HE. Bobi Wine - Is It Me

      67. Chaga & HE. Bobi Wine - Dont say no

      68. Cindy Ft HE. Bobi Wine & Mr G - Dilema

      69. Dax Ft. H.E Bobi Wine - Tell Me Gal

      70. H E Bobi Wine - Muwesotinge

      71. H.E Bobi Wine - Mr Money

      72. HE Bobi wine-Henry Tigan-Nubian Lee - Obuvubuka bwo



Stage Names: Bobi Wine

Real Names: Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

Born: 12th February 1982

Nationality: Ugandan

Education: Makerere University (Bachelor of Arts in Music Dance and Drama),Law Development Centre – Diploma in Legal Practice

Occupation: Musician, Entrepreneur, Politician and Inspirational Speaker

Years Active: 2000- Present

Background and education

He was born on 12 February 1982, in what was then Mpigi District, but is now Gomba District. He grew up in the Kamwokya slum in the northeast part of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. He was baptized Robert Kyagulanyi in the Roman Catholic Church. He attended Makerere University in Kampala, where he studied music, dance, and drama, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In February 2018, Kyagulanyi enrolled for a course on Leadership for the 21st Century at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government alongside leaders from different nations. In April 2018, he graduated with a Diploma in Legal Practice, from the Law Development Centre in Kampala

Bobi Wine started making music in the early 2000s. His first singles were Akagoma, Funtula, and Sunda (featuring Ziggy D), which brought Wine into the limelight. He was the President of the group Fire Base Crew. When that group disbanded he started a new group of which he is the president: “Ghetto Republic of Uganda.

Wine met his wife while he was at Makerere University and she was a S6 student at Bweranyangi Girls’ Senior Secondary School. Their wedding took place in August 2011. They have four children together: Solomon Kampala Nyanzi, Shalom Namagembe, Shadraq Shilling Mbogo, and Suubi Shine Nakaayi In 2013, after having shown a good example caring for his children on his Ghetto President Reality TV Show, he was appointed parenting ambassador by Twaweza .

Wine lost his father, whom he credited with influencing him to be a good parent, on 10 February 2015. The vigil and burial attracted hundreds of mourners, including government officials and other celebrities.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine, is a Ugandan politician, businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, musician and actor, better known by the stage name Bobi Wine. As of 11 July 2017, he serves as the Member of Parliament representing Kyadondo East constituency in Wakiso District, in Uganda’s Central Region

In April 2017, he announced his candidacy for parliament in an upcoming by-election for the Kyadondo East Constituency.


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