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      1. Rege Rege - CJ Champion

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CJ Champion (Real name Agaba Ezra) is an Award winning, multi-talented Ugandan producer, song writer, composer, Skilled in Song arrangement and Musician who is the team leader at Different Music record label.

CJ Champion was born in Bugongi, Sheema District. In 2017 he graduated with a degree in Tourism (Makerere University).

CJ Champion is a member of #Artspeaks, a Network of different Musicians, Comedians, Poets, Dancers, and Visual artists among others, that are involved in different community and social change activities.

CJ Champion represented Uganda in the 2019 Jama Music Festival which was held in Dareslam as Producer and a perfomer and was named the Best Musician (Team Uganda).

CJ Champion has been nominated in Western Music Awards(WMA) 2019, Hipipo Music Awards 2018, Won two Awards (MBAs 2018).

Some of CJ Champion’s Musical works is available on his YouTube channel (CJ Champion Ug).

For Business, CJ Champion can be reached on his social media handles Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram all in the names (CJ Champion Ug).



Manager Mobile: +256700312181