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      1. Ceaserous - Nice and Good
      2. Ceaserous - Kilila
      3. Ceaserous - Into You


Date of Birth: 29th September 1993

Real Names: Ssentongo Solomon

Nationality: Ugandan

Tribe: Muganda

Education: His A graduate

Occupation: Musician

Genre: Afro reggae, Dancehall

Label: Candy Entertainment

Back ground

Ceaserous is a young Ugandan fast rising afro reggae and dancehall artist who has managed to change the whole game of music in this century by fusing his sweet melodically voice with his mature and strong lyric audacity in all his songs.

He is currently signed under candy entertainment with which he has released a number of songs off his latest album ‘’UPTOWN’’ off which songs such as ‘’ Nice and Good’’ and ‘’Into you’’ have made him one of the most out stunning youths in his age mates both musically and physically.

He started his career way back in school during his secondary school days that he later focused on and develops the real love for his talent and profession. While in school he began under a duo smash and Ceaserous.

While working towards the release of his album scheduled for late 2016, Ceaserous has decided to shoot a series of videos to accompany his hit tracks released as singles to fulfill the following;

• To rebrand the star, Ceaserous, as he positions himself as one of the youngest and biggest artist in the Ugandan music scene today.

• To showcase his great talents in music and entertainment locally and globally.

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