Eat Zote

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Eat Zote
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      1. Eat Zote - David Lutalo
      2. Nakusiima - David Lutalo
      3. David Lutalo - Nkwagalila Dala
      4. David Lutalo Ft. Pr. Wilson Bugembe - Tewali
      5. David Lutalo - Onsanula
      6. Mubi Bubi - Maro Ft. David Lutalo
      7. Lutalo,Bebe,Kusasira,,All Stars - Awangale
      8. King Saha Ft. David Lutalo - Princess
      9. David Lutalo ftKraze Ft. John Andy, Catherine Kusasira, , Gerald Kiweewa, Willy Mukabya & Shilligs -Bend Over
      10. David Lutalo Ft. Mr Bk - Beautiful
      11. David Lutalo Ft. Moureen Nantume - Nakumiss
      12. David Lutalo ft Olisha M - Gwenjagala
      13. David Lutalo ft Gravity - Beera Nabo
      14. David Lutalo ft Coolerman - Akalaboko
      15. David Lutalo ft Brown Nigerz - Ndaira
      16. David Lutalo ft Sizo Lam - Bigambire Nyowe
      17. David Lutalo ft JB Byekwaso - Ndeka
      18. David Lutalo ft GudLyfe - Hellena
      19. David Lutalo -Batusosola
      20. David Lutalo & Rema - Number Yo
      21. David Lutalo & Kelly Rowland -Like This
      22. David Lutalo & JB Byekwaso - Amataala
      23. David Lutalo & CoolerMan - Njagala kuba nawe
      24. David Lutalo - Sweet
      25. David Lutalo - Shakira
      26. David Lutalo - Salawo
      27. David Lutalo - Pretty Gal
      28. David Lutalo - Onyonyogera
      29. David Lutalo - Okutte Wagumu
      30. David Lutalo - Obadde Ludawa
      31. David Lutalo - Nantavuganyizibwa
      32. David Lutalo - Nandikulese Mukyaalo
      33. David Lutalo - Nafuna
      34. David Lutalo - Mukama
      35. David Lutalo - Lorana
      36. David Lutalo - Kigambo - David Lutalo
      37. David Lutalo - Kapapaala
      38. David Lutalo - Kanwane
      39. David Lutalo - Kampumule
      40. David Lutalo - Juliana
      41. David lutalo - Janjaba
      42. David lutalo - Gunsitula
      43. David lutalo - Far Away

David lutalo – Embwa Ye’Katwe
      44. David Lutalo - Byadunia
      45. David lutalo - Bulira
      46. David Lutalo - Beta Among Di Beta
      47. David Lutalo - Baby face
      48. David Lutalo - Azalidwa
      49. David Lutalo - Amasanyu Mu Bufumbo
      50. David Lutalo - Amaaso Abiri
      51. David Lutalo - Alinwanisa
      52. David Lutalo - Akantu
      53. David Lutalo - Ayi mukama
      54. David Lutalo & Sunami - Asimini
      55. David lutalo - Mugumu
      56. David lutalo - Mbulira
      57. David lutalo - Manya
      58. David lutalo - Magumba
      59. David Lutalo - Onsanula


Born – 12th September 1989

Parents – Mr Lujja Labson & Mrs Masitula Nasazzi

Siblings – 1st born in a family of 5

Profession- Artists/Musician

Home Village –Luwero Kiwokozi

Music Icon – Lt Elly Wamala and Paul Job Kafero

Religion – Born again Christian

Tribe- Muganda from Ndiga clan

David Lutalo aka Kapapaala is a Ugandan musician from Luwero who first gained success with his satirical song “Kapaapala”. He is regarded as one of Uganda’s most talented vocalists and has several solo songs to his name as well as several collaborations with Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool and Good Life.

Lutalo is known by Uganda’s music audiences for his distinct, high toned, sharp voice which has made him a favourite among rural and urban Ugandans. He has been rated in some circles as the unofficial Ugandan musician of the year in 2014. He does, Band Afro beat, Ugandan pop genre of music. In 2013, Lutalo joined hands with Radio and Weasel of Good lyfe Crew and they produced Hellena song. In 2014, he collaborated with a young musician Maro, Mubbi bubi

David Lutalo started singing way back in secondary school in 2001; writing songs and developing more music ideas. However, he started professional singing around 2006 and released his breakthrough single in 2008.In just a few words; one can call David Lutalo a four years old musician who has succeeded where a number of them have failed and have since then vanished into the blue. He is a married man with two kids more not disclosed

Better known as ‘Kapapaala’, a song that catapulted him into stardom, he is none other than David Lutalo.who came onto the music scene in 2008, and what I can say it’s now 8 years.

It’s quite well, I cannot measure the public’s perception of my music. But since they [fans] made me what I am today, I can say-it’s positive because they have loved my songs since 2008 up to now Lutalo says; which points at positive perception and many things have made Lutalo what he is right now in a shortest while, because he is God fearing ,Maintains good relationship with fellow artist and fans ..In addition he now has 9 albums under The Hares label

David Lutalo has not achieved that much but for a few he has, they include; friends, plots of land and some few other investments but on what Lutalo has accomplished in the 8 years, still project a number of things in years to come, which cannot imagine; more hit songs, albums and success

What inspires him in his music is that he pen down all the songs and derive most of his lyrics/messages from real life experiences, from personal accounts and from friends. That is why most of song lyrics are unique because they are originally derived.

His role models are the late Elly Wamala and Paul Kafeero locally and on the international basis he preferred the late Lucky Phillip Dube because of his decency in the public and music which navigated through all walks of life.

Lutalo is working at crossing the boundaries and going international. His first attempt is a plan to record with Timaya, a Nigerian musician who has been dominating the airwaves in Uganda recently. Although he says the project is still long away from inception, Lutalo is determined to achieve a large international music following.

Currently now with a new album titled Kwasa which is among the best local and international hit album with a huge fan base both listenership and viewership