DJ Sunnee – Ugsound Mix

DJ Sunnee – Ugsound Mix
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Name: DJ $unnee

Place of Birth: Niagara Falls, Canada

Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Dj Sunnee began listening to African music when she traveled to South Africa in 2001. During her four months stay in South Africa she purchased her first South African Album by SA Artist Mandoza “The King of Kwaito”. Identifying with Kwaito melody Sunnee was hooked on the irreplaceable sounds of Africa and developed a desire to expand her library of African music.

In 2010 Sunnee moved from her homeland of Canada to Los Angeles, California where she was undoubtedly welcomed into the Ugandan community seeing her love for African culture and sound. As Sunnee started spinning on the one’s and two’s in 2011 her Ugandan network familiarized her with a vast collection of East and West African Artists. Dj Sunnee can be found setting the Afrobeat vibes at weekly and monthly parties in Los Angeles such as Kampala Night LA Hosted by Uganda’s own General Mega Dee, ZongoZongo AfroHollywood Hosted by Pages (Ghana), and LA Supreme Djs Parties Powered by LA Supreme Djs Sunnee herself.

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