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      1. Fall in Love - Fille
      2. Obasinga - Fille
      3. Fille - Sabula
      4. Big-Trill-Fille-Batuwulira
      5. Fille-Mbeera-eno-Ugsound.com_
      6. Fall in Love - Fille



Born – 25th July 1991

Parents – Mr Peter & Mrs Odette Rwibasira

Education – She went to Nakasero primary school for primary education, Lubiri Secondary school and Standard High School for secondary education, and then St. Lawrence University where she is pursuing (2014) a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration

Family – 2 girls and she is the middle child

Favourite food – Posho and beans

Awards attained: Female artist of the year St Lawrence University

What inspired her to join music: The love for singing?

Future goals: Wants to work with international artists and also wants to open an Ngo to help the physically handicapped

Anything she does besides music: Partly a business woman dealing in car accessories

Icons that you look up to: Lauryn hill because of her voice tone and flexibility and ability to sing and rap

For how long will u pursue this career: Forever coz its part of me

Best vacation destination: France

Fille’s first hit song was “Where have you been at” in 2013. She followed it with “Gat no money” and “Hello”, a collaboration with Rwandese singer Bruce Melody


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