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      1. Ekyakuzala - Gravity Omutujju
      2. Kelele _ Bebe Cool Ft Gravity Omutujju [ Pro Kaysam Kumapessa X HerbertSKillz M - Kelele
      3. Balance the boat - Gravity Omutujju
      4. Gravity Omutujju - Ampalana
      5. Bigambo-Gravity-Omutujju-ft-Radio
      6. Byakiyaye-Kazoora-Gravity-Omutujju
      7. Chagga-ft-Gravity-Omutujju-Sanyukamu
      8. Dj-Shiru-ft-Eddy-Kenzo-Gravity-Omutujju
      9. Gravity-Gravity-Omutujju
      10. Gravity-Mayinja-Claire
      11. Gravity-Ps-Bugembe-Ekkubo
      12. Gravity-ft-King-Saha-Tewemala-Ngamu
      13. Gravity-Ft.-Willy-Mukabya-Nakyejwe
      14. Gravity-Omutujju-Saha-Winner
      15. Gravity-Omutujju-Bijanjaalo
      16. Gravity-Omutujju-Ebijanjaalo
      17. Gravity-omutujju-Ekyebeeyi
      18. Gravity-Omutujju-Ft.-Elgen-Billionaire
      19. Gravity-Omutujju-Hits
      20. Gravity-Omutujju-Ki-Vampire
      21. Gravity-Omutujju-Kiyingi
      22. Gravity-Omutujju-Malangaja
      23. Gravity-Omutujju-Namutikwa
      24. Gravity-Omutujju-Nfanana-Zuena
      25. Gravity-Omutujju-Teli-Doogo
      26. Gravity-Omutujju-Vimba
      27. Gravity-Omutujju-Waguan
      28. Gravity-Omutujju-Walumbe-zaaya
      29. Gravity-Omutujju-Why-me
      30. Gravity-Omutujju-Yewuyo
      31. Gravity-Omutujju-Mukyaala-Wo
      32. Lil-Pazo-Gravity-Omutujju-Birevu-Remix
      33. Maro-ft-Gravity-Omutujju-Why
      34. Shidy-Style-Gravity-Omutujju-Ayi-Ayi

Gravity omutujju

Aka wabuyu Gereson

Tribe: Munyoli

Parents: Mr Gesa Michael and Mrs Jane

Family: 7th born in a family of 10

Dream car: Bmw x6

Education: Nakulabye junior sch and old Kampala ss

Marital status: Married with 2 children, mutooni queen jane and wabuyu sharlom

Year he ventured into music: 2010 under bornfire records owned by producer didi

Music icon: Gnl Zamba

Dream destination; Jamaica

Achievements from music; friends, land, money, cars.. Basically everything he has.

Breakthrough song: walumbe zaaya(redo of the late kafero’s song)

Hobbies: football and movies

Childhood neighbourhood: Nankulabye – Kiwunya zone

Awards: 8 awards to his name so far including Z zina, rising star and buzz awards.

Label: Trouble Entertainment

Who inspired him to join music: producer Didi

How did the name come about: gravity was a high school nickname though he also can’t tell how omutujju came about.

Residence: Munyonyo

Life icon: Bobi wine

Life story: grew up in a poor ghetto family and right now the whole family looks up to him for school fees and other bills. He is basically the family bread winner.

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