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      1. Cinema By Kalifah Aganaga
      2. Kiboko - AGANAGA & Dr JOSE CHAMELEON
      3. Katono by kalifah
      4. Khalifa AgaNaga - Woman of the Year
      5. Kalifa AgaNaga ft Kelly Brianz - Kyana Gwe
      6. Kalifah Aga Naga & Tip Swizzy - Melody
      7. Kalifah Aganaga - AwaAwa
      8. Kalifah AgaNaga - Business
      9. Kalifah Aganaga - Ekitangaazza
      10. Kalifah AgaNaga - Firimu Ye Bisodde
      11. Kalifah Aganaga - Gumpe
      12. Kalifah Aganaga - Gunsimbye
      13. Kalifah Aganaga - Kokonya
      14. Kalifah Aganaga - Kweli Kweli
      15. Kalifah Aganaga - Kyusaamu
      16. Kalifah Aganaga - Mina Konda
      17. Kalifah Aganaga - Mukyala Mwami
      18. Kalifah Aganaga - Nampa Wengwa
      19. Kalifah Aganaga - Never Mind
      20. Kalifah Aganaga - Nguliko
      21. Kalifah Aganaga - Nkulaga Bikolwa
      22. Kalifah AgaNaga - Nkulowozako
      23. Kalifah Aganaga - Oja Babamba
      24. Kalifah Aganaga - Oli Sooh

Kalifah Aganaga – Omg mpagira gwe
      25. Kalifah AgaNaga - Tooko Binna
      26. Kalifah Aganaga - Uganda
      27. Kalifah Aganaga - Victim
      28. Kalifah AgaNaga Ft File - Better Ting
      29. Kalifah Aganaga -ft Iryn Namubiru - We're there problem
      30. Kalifah AgaNaga ft Radio & Weasle - Gudi Gude
      31. Kalifah AgaNaga FT Sammy Rich - Vanilla
      32. Kalifah AgaNaga Ft. Spice Diana - Ssaagala
      33. Kalifah AgaNaga Ft. Vanilla - Tuli Kumukutu
      34. Khalifa AgaNaga - Omunyankole
      35. Khalifa AgaNaga - Oyitangayo
      36. Khalifa AgaNaga - Sweet wange
      37. Khalifa AgaNaga - Tell Mi Why
      38. Khalifa AgaNaga - Woman of the Year
      39. Khalifa AgaNaga - Zanowa


Date of Birth: March 3, 1990

Real Names: Sadat Mukibi

Education: Attended O and A Level education from Kawanda Secondary school

Nationality: Ugandan


Sadat Mukibi A.k.a Kalifah Aganaga grew up with a single mother in a Kampala suburb known as Kabowa. .He has a striking resemblance with Wiz Khalifah form the US and he Models his style on Wiz Kid of West Africa.

Fresh out of high school, it was time to either sink or swim. In 2012, Kalifa AgaNaga diverted his tuition fees (200$) which his brother had given him to record his first single Mina Konda and shoot its video, he hustled to promote it on radio and television it was during this process that he met Emma Carlos a renown Talent Manager with TWINKLE Star Agency that they stroked a deal that saw him break through the industry with a platinum album that has span three hit singles Mina Konda, Ndabirwah and Ekitangaaza, thus breaking the upcoming jinx in the region which is that for any artiste to break through the industry they must have a one single hitting.

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