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      1. Kujagana - Mariam Macqueen
      2. Mwebale Okusiiba - Mariam MacQueen

Mbatudde Mariam aka mariam macqueen is ugandan artist who is both a performing and recording artist who does islamic faith based music popularly known as nasheed music . he started singing in 2014 under the management of effekts media. her first single was gwe weka Allah that has received massive air play on the different tv stations. she later went on to record her first self titled album called gwe weka Allah that was produced at effekts media studios by Dr kats with 7 trackes which include 1-jukira Allah, 2- Tassa Umah that ft Nafat Siiver-, 3- Names of Allah, 4- Ramadhan, 5-insha Allah 6. mwebale okusiba 7. kujagana?

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