Am ready

Am ready
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      1. Mary Bata-Am Ready
      2. Mary Bata - Sente
      3. Madowadowa by Mary Bata @ Paddyman Studios - Madowadowa by Mary Bata
      4. Mary Bata - Darling
      5. Mary Bata - Disappointment
      6. Mary Bata - Eden
      7. Mary Bata - Ensi Yabakusa
      8. Mary Bata - Just a Hug
      9. Mary Bata - Ndugudde
      10. Mary Bata - Njagala Omwana
      11. Mary Bata - Peace
      12. Mary Bata - Respect
      13. Mary Bata - Salute
      14. Mary Bata - Sembera
      15. Mary Bata - Tugenda Komawa
      16. Mary Bata - Yamanyi
      17. Mary Bata - Yenze Mwami
      18. Mary Bata and Nutty Neithan - Mulimu Ki
      19. Mary Bata ft Big Eye - Nkomawo - Mary Bata ft Big Eye - Nkomawo
      20. Mary Bata Ft Sabba Sabba - Give Me Time
      21. Mary Bata ft Wise P - Bbuba
      22. Mary Bata Ft. Bravo - True Love
      23. Mary Bata Ft. Willy Mukaabya - Bax Ragga

Mary Bata

Date of birth: 22 Dec 1993

Real names: Mary Bata Namakula

Tribe and clan: Muganda from Lugave clan

Faith: she is a born again Christian

Schools: Winner’s Primary school, Eagles nest

Dream car: range rover sport

Favorite food: matooke and g-nuts pasted

Best movie//; 24 series

Breakthrough song: disappointment

Childhood neighborhood: Nateete

Music icon: Yvonne chakachaka

Crazy childhood moments: used to behave and speak like a baby around her dad and as soon as he would leave, she would change her tone to that of the grown up child that she actually was

Anything besides Music: she is a makeup artist

Dream destination: Hollywood

Some of the hit songs that made Mary bata who she is right include Disappointment, Hag, Salute, Sembera and Tugenda komawa etc

Record Label: Rydim Empire