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      1. Mbakooye - Eddy Kenzo

      2. Eddy-Kenzo-Zake

      3. Eddy-Kenzo-Abatusabira

      4. Eddy-Kenzo-Akaserengeto

      5. Eddy-Kenzo-Beera-clear

      6. Eddy-Kenzo-Bogela

      7. Eddy-Kenzo-Come-Over

      8. Eddy-Kenzo-Ft-Paddy-Dee-Sumulula

      9. Eddy-Kenzo-Hustler

      10. Eddy-Kenzo-Jambole

      11. Eddy-Kenzo-Ka-Magnent

      12. Eddy-Kenzo-Kaana-Ka-Mbaata

      13. Eddy-Kenzo-Kakana

      14. Eddy-Kenzo-Kamunguluze

      15. Eddy-Kenzo-kanamba-Ko

      16. Eddy-Kenzo-Ki-ngambe

      17. Eddy-Kenzo-Kyomisinga

      18. Eddy-Kenzo-Mature-Mu-Love

      19. Eddy-Kenzo-Mukwano

      20. Eddy-Kenzo-Muna-Uganda

      21. Eddy-Kenzo-Mundekke-Numbe

      22. Eddy-Kenzo-Musonywe

      23. Eddy-Kenzo-Nakuhitaji

      24. Eddy-Kenzo-Nategede

      25. Eddy-Kenzo-Neyanziza

      26. Eddy-Kenzo-Nice-lovely

      27. Eddy-Kenzo-Nigibombe

      28. Eddy-Kenzo-Ntwala-Ewamwe

      29. Eddy-Kenzo-Numbe

      30. Eddy-Kenzo-Nze-Nsinga

      31. Eddy-Kenzo-Ogenda-Kunzisa

      32. Eddy-Kenzo-Ono-Yeye

      33. Eddy-Kenzo-Osibye-Omukisa-Gwo

      34. Eddy-Kenzo-Ozifuna-Otya

      35. Eddy-Kenzo-Shilole

      36. Eddy-Kenzo-Sitya-Loss

      37. Eddy-Kenzo-Stamina

      38. Eddy-Kenzo-Topoowa

      39. Eddy-Kenzo-Tuteese

      40. Eddy-Kenzo-Unstoppable

      41. Eddy-Kenzo-Wigiti-Waka

      42. Eddy-Kenzo-Zoom-Zoom

      43. Eddy-Kenzo-Face-Off-Stress-Free

      44. Eddy-Kenzo-Ft-Don-Balaam-Gumila-Kwoyo

      45. Eddy-Kenzo-Ft.-Mc-Mose-Nesiiga

      46. Gavana-Ft-Eddy-Kenzo-Calling-Yo-Namba

      47. Gravity-Eddy-Kenzo-Kalaso

      48. T.I.P-Swizy-Kenzo-Bolingo

      49. TIP-Swizy-Eddy-Kenzo-Kokode

      50. Yanimba-Kenzo-Ft-Mike-Wine

      51. Ziza-Bana-Ft-Kenzo-Mugumu-


Date of Birth: Undisclosed

Real Names: Edrisa Musuuza

Nationality: Ugandan

Tribe: Munyankole

Education: Stopped in High School

Occupation: Singer

Genre: African Popular Music

Label: Big Talent

Years Active: Since 2008


Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo was born in Masaka, a town in the central region of Uganda. He lost his mother at age 5, after which he lived a street life for 13 years. After high school, he adopted the stage name Eddy Kenzo and began writing music. In 2008, he was featured in the popular song Yanimba by Mikie Wine. His breakthrough 2010 song, Stamina, was met with critical acclaim and was used as a theme song for Yoweri Museveni’s presidential campaign. He released the album Ogenda Kunzisa in 2012. One year later, he released Kamunguluze and toured the United States. The song Sitya Loss became his most popular song to date, and a video of Ugandan boys dancing to the song went viral. Its success led to the launching of a petition to have the dancing children appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Kenzo released the album Sitya Loss in May 2014




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