Love Meeme

Love Meeme
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      1. Princess-Amiirah-Love-Meeme
      2. Princess-Amiirah-ft-Pastor-Bugembe- Believer
      3. Princess-Amiirah-Kagobako
      4. Gubimba - Princess Amiirah
      5. Akafo kali-1.mp3 - princess amiirah
      6. Princess-Amirah-Ndi-mu-love
      7. Princess Amiirah-Hot cake new
      8. Princess Amiirah-Jangu Onkwekule
      9. Princess Amiirah-Musango Gwamwe
      10. Princess Amiirah-Onsaliza
      11. Princess Amiirah-Sibookya


Real name: Amirah Kiwumulo

Tribe: Muganda and Mumbejja…Mwana we Ngoma

Born: 1993 in Mityana district (kigogwa zone)

Family: first born in a family of 3 girls

Parents: (Rip) Mr Jopseph Kisamba & Mrs Hellen Nalwadda

Education: Mapeera primary sch mubende, st Mary’s ss mubende, st Charles lwanga mubende and YMCA in Wandegeya.

Best dish: potatoes and fish

Dream car: Jeep Cherokee

Profession: food scientist

Marital status: single

Year she ventured into music: 2013

Life Icon: Peter Jones (entrepreneur who once had money but ran broke. Instead of giving up though, he fought his way back to the top and is now way wealthier than before)

Future prospects: start her own beverage company and charity hospital

Dream destination: Sweden

Breakthrough song: Sibookya released in 2015

Residence: lungujja

Childhood neighbourhood: Mityana

Life story: lost both her parents at the age of 12 and this brought in a twist in her life. Education became hard because of lack of funds so she had to drop out. She ventured into selling beans to earn a living and raise school fees which enabled her return to school after she had saved enough money.

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