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      1. Gutujja - Rema & B2C
      2. Siri Muyembe - Rema Namakula
      3. Touch My Body - Rema Namakula
      4. Rema Namakula - Banyabo
      5. Bebe Cool ft Rema Namakula - Missing
      6. Rema Namakula - Akaliro
      7. Rema Namakula - Akatonotono
      8. Rema Namakula - Bwolonda
      9. Rema Namakula - Deep In Love
      10. Rema Namakula - Fire tonight
      11. Rema Namakula - Kirungi
      12. Rema Namakula - Kukaliba
      13. Rema Namakula - Lowooza Kunze
      14. Rema Namakula - Muchuuzi
      15. Rema Namakula - Oli Wange
      16. Rema Namakula - Sibalaba
      17. Rema Namakula - Sibya Mukisa
      18. Rema Namakula - Sitaki
      19. Rema Namakula - Yo-Sweet
      20. Rema Namakula & Aziz Azion - Oli wakabi
      21. Rema Namakula ft Chris Evans - Linda


Date of Birth: 24 April 1991

Real Names: Rema Namakula

Parents: Has strong relationship with Halima Namakula

Nationality: Ugandan

Tribe: Muganda


Occupation: Singer

Years Active: 2010–present

Label: Solo Artist

Back ground

Rema Namakula A.k.a Rema is a Ugandan female recording artist. Rema was born in Ntinda Uganda and is the last child in her family. Rema has a strong relationship with Ugandan female musician Halima Namakula who has been her mentor from way back in high school. During her senior six vacation Rema started performing karaoke music. Rema continued singing and became a backup singer in Halima Namakula’s songs. During one of Halima’s studio practices, Rema’s voice was outstanding and was selected to join Bebe cool in Gagamel. Rema continued her music career as a backup artist for a Ugandan musician Bebe Cool in Gagamel crew, however she separated from Bebe Cool in 2013,this was after Bebe Cool seeing her on television talking about an album launch which he did not know about and fired her,[1] and that was the beginning of her solo music career.[2] And the very year she released oli wange which was written by Nince Henry which made her popular in the music industry of Uganda.

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