Boom party

Boom party
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      1. Cindy Sanyu - Boom party
      2. Cindy Sanyu -Copycat
      3. Sun Set - Cindy Sanyu
      4. Cindy - Tick
      5. Cindy - Hot Like That
      6. Cindy - Mungu bwasalawo
      7. Cindy - Party
      8. Cindy - selekta
      9. Cindy - Yes Man
      10. CINDY & BYAXY - Bukolomoni
      11. Cindy And Dufla - Tempo
      12. Cindy Ft Kao Denero - Man Of The Hour
      13. Cindy Ft Nutty Neithan - Hot Hot
      14. Cindy ft. Kemishan, DJ Slick Stuart & DJ Roja - Up In The Air
      15. Cindy ft. Navio - Ndi Mukodo
      16. Cindy Sanyu - Ayokyayokya
      17. Cindy Sanyu - Bintabula
      18. Cindy Sanyu - Mundeke Nyimbe
      19. Cindy Sanyu - Nkoye Amaateka
      20. Cindy Sanyu - Run this City
      21. Cindy Sanyu - Samo Dat
      22. Cindy Sanyu - Zalawo
      23. Cindy Sanyu and Oteya - Samo Dat (Remix)
      24. Cindy Sanyu ft. P Square - You & Me
      25. Cindy X Don MC X Apass - Am Lovin
      26. Cindy, Bobi Wine & Mr G - Dilema
      27. Cindy, Radio and Weasel, Rabadaba, Mr X, Navio & GNL - Locomotive
      28. Kid Gaju and Cindy - Gahunda
      29. Yanki ft. Cindy Sanyu - Byantadde


Date of Birth: 28th August 1985

Real Names: Cinderella Sanyu

Nationality: Ugandan


Education: stopped at senior six levels but promised to join campus and study Music

Occupation: Musician

Genre: Dancehall, Pop, Afro beat

Years Active: 2003- present

Label: Solo Artist


Cinderella sanyu AKA “Cindy” is a Ugandan afro-pop singer and songwriter. Her debu solo album ‘Ayokyayokya'(2009) is still topping charts all over East Africa with hits like Mbikooye and nawewe (2008),Ayokyayokya(2009) and now One and Only (2010).Cindy has won 3 national awards for her solo work and other 3 awards as a member of BLU*3. As a young girl, Cindy never got a chance to sing in her school choir because she was ‘tiny’ so her musical talents were natured in church and at home by her mother.

Blu*3 which is now blu3 was a girl band that was formed by the 3 winners of Coca-Cola pop stars Uganda in 2005 and managed by stevejean who is acknowledged as a strong force in Cindy’s life till this day. The members were cinderella sanyu, Lilian Mbabazi and Jackie chandiru.BLU*3 went on to become Africa’s biggest female group and toured Africa e.g. kenya,tanzania, Burundi,Nigeria,South Africa, Ghana etc.Due to a misunderstanding Cindy had to leave the group in 2008 and ready or not Cindy embarked on a solo career.

Cindy released her biggest song so far called “Ayokyayokya” which went straight to number 1 on local radios and in all TV stations in Uganda and also on East Africa tv.It was also played on channel O and and only, was released in January 2010 and slowly climbed to number one too. She has never stopped since then

Now she is one of the best dancehall female artists in Uganda being on top charts all over

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